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"The Ferguson Police Department STILL has not released a police report from the shooting of Michael Brown. They did release a FULL police report AND video AND stills from what they ADMIT is an unrelated incident in which the shooting victim, Michael Brown, THEY say, was implicated in a theft at a convenience store earlier in the day on the day police killed him. They released ALL of that, but NO police report, still to this day, from the shooting of Michael Brown. They still have also not released the autopsy results from the county autopsy of Michael Brown. Today, the Ferguson Police Department turned down a request from NBC News to please see the personnel file of the officer who’s been named as the shooter of Michael Brown. The ONLY thing they would release is his name, the day he was hired, and his salary. They would not release any other details from his police file. The one substantive piece of information that the Ferguson Police Department DID decide to release about the officer implicated in the shooting, the ONE piece of information they HAVE decided to release, was THIS video that they released today, showing the officer in question receiving a COMMENDATION from the City Council for good police work."
Rachel Maddow. Thursday, Aug. 21st. (via iwriteaboutfeminism)
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"If you’re a student in one of the black schools here and you get into a fight you’ll probably get arrested and charged with assault. We have kids here who are barred from voting before they’re even old enough to register."

A black (male) protestor/resident of Ferguson, as quoted in Newsweek. 

Here is where the “talking-head”/op-ed bent of our media and culture has failed us. While they all want to bemoan the “12% voter turnout at the last election,” no one has the sense to ask about the structural forces that contribute to that low figure. Instead they (and I’m including Al Sharpton in this category) yell at black voters to do their part, or, when they’re being nice about it, try to get protestors to register to vote. But listen to those protestors who cannot vote. They’re telling us they never stood a chance.

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See also: It’s a privilege to throw out “Just go vote! Get your voice heard!” because everybody doesn’t get that.

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The last words said by Black youth before they were murdered by vigilantes/Policemen . Rest in peace. [Source: Shirin Barghi]

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US Constitution, First Amendment: The right to assemble, to have free speech, to have freedom of the press.

Ferguson Police: Kicks out media and limits protestors to a “First Amendment Area”image

funny, i thought the WHOLE COUNTRY was a first amendment area. silly me. 

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America is not the be all end all

I know it can feel that way

I know we were led to believe that this is the most free, safe, economically sound home one could ever dream of

But they lied

Theres other shit out there too experience

There are places in the world where people work less and live happier

Just because you were born here doesnt mean you have to die in this motherfucker

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how do white people not get exhausted when they’re trying to play the victim all the time? you could probably power the entire world on white people’s victim complex.

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"When the “peace” you are continuously urged to return to looks like powerlessness, humiliation, poverty, boredom, and violence, it shouldn’t be a surprise many choose to fight."
Ferguson. Over one week in (via ninjabikeslut)

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Tactics used to terrorize and watch Americans *always* get tested out in poor black communities first.

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